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March 15, 2022

KetoSavage, (aka) Robert Sikes; KetoBricks, bodybuilding and much more!!!

Robert Sikes of KetoSavage fame joined us today.  Robert is a ketogenic bodybuilder and has just released a book describing his methodology for getting stage ready using a strict ketogenic diet approach.  His book Ketogenic Bodybuilding spells it all out in amazing detail.  Robert also is an entrepreneur and created a food product called KetoBrick!  He couldn't find a shelf-stable food that had the nutrient profile he wanted to have handy during show prep, so he created his own.  He tells a bit of that story as well.  Finally, Robert shares how his business allows for workout time for his team, how they talk openly about keto and nutrition and health and all the things he is doing to allow his team to be healthy.  Robert and his wife Crystal are expecting their first child very soon!!!  Please give this one a listen, we had a wide ranging and engaging conversation.

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