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Oct. 4, 2022

Wellness Program outcomes from a human resources perspective, special guest Richard Till

Rick Till joined us today for some discussion about how a career HR professional has seen wellness programs work (or not work).  Rick has over 35yrs of experience being an HR leader at fairly large companies and has worked through a variety of programs.  A few things Rick emphasized were that companies really do CARE about their employees.  This is overlooked way too often as corporations are demonized as capitalist, soulless entities.  Corporations are nothing without their employees.  We talked about some carrot and stick approaches and a how offering different insurance plans often really doesn't move the needle in terms of lowering overall costs.  Sadly, it all comes back to costs, insurance companies, and individual willingness to participate.  We'd love to hear from you, our listeners, about what you've tried or not tried at your business and some success or horror stories!!

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He teaches HR through Laurel Ridge Comm College

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