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Feb. 15, 2023

WYNDLY and a Fresh Approach to Allergy Treatment with Dr. Manan Shah

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Dr. Shah shared some time with us today to go over his online approach to allergy treatment.  Based out of Colorado, Dr. Shah takes care of patients around the country through direct care, all virtual and non-invasive.  After an initial consult, a package is mailed to your house for testing, treatment is prescribed, and the sublingual treatment shows up when needed.  The treatment trains the body to not overreact to allergens over time (up to 3yrs) and when done the allergy reactions should be gone.  This method of treatment can really help folks who thought they were destined to be lifetime sufferers or having to take neverending doses of OTC meds.  1 in 4 of us have allergies so please share this with someone you know who could use a different treatment and stop their suffering!!

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