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May 31, 2022

Catch up with the hosts!!! What's happening, what's coming up.... Homesteading, piano, more

Today's episode was a chance for hosts David Kent and Josh Phelps to share some updates on what they've been doing personally and professionally related to some past podcast topics.  Also, in early podcasts we both talked about some of these things and promised to do regular updates, then never did!!!  So we just decided to devote one episode to catching up and it turned out to be alot of fun.  Hear David talk about his expanding homestead operation, involving his young kids in raising animals, his wife digging into medicinal herbs and Dave still managing the printing and marketing business at Home - Signet Marketing (

Josh discussed how music is mental therapy for him and how he's experimenting with his ketogenic diet based on the book from past guest Robert Sikes of KetoSavage.   Also Josh talked about the wellness program at his business and the eye-opening outcome of the step challenge they recently had.  Their coach and past podcast guest Stacie Haaga has setup a robust wellness program and this was one of the fun outcomes. 

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