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Feb. 22, 2023

Coach and fitness Podcaster Rachel Gregory, creator of MetflexLife and Muscle Science for Women

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Rachel Gregory is a health coach, fitness enthusiast, podcast host/co-host and really a fun person to talk to!  She has a data driven but workable approach to her coaching and lots of experience helping folks who have already tried things like keto or paleo or constant calorie restriction but don't see the results they want.  Goals could be anything from weightloss, specific health problems, just feeling better, body composition, etc.  Rachel talked about her typical client (mostly women, many Type A) and the hurdles they all seem to face.  She does individual and group coaching, goal setting, etc.  We talked in detail about the importance of protein and resistance training but also rest and recovery and a longer-term approach to wellness.  Rachel explains topics so we can all understand them and her client success shows that she knows what she's doing.

Find out more on her great website here:
Her instagram has all the links
She co-hosts the Muscle Science for Women Podcast
She even has a great book forketogenic nutrition