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Dec. 8, 2022

Food Lies, Sapien lifestyle, Peak Human host Brian Sanders

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Brian Sanders has spent the past several years working on the most comprehensive video production out there on the problems with the modern food system and all of its tangled webs.  He's been interviewing doctors, ranchers, anthropologists, nutrition experts and he's traveled the world for this film.  Today Brian shared some of his time to talk about what he's learned and how he's going to tell the story he calls Food Lies.   Brian has an amazing podcast called Peak Human where he interviews experts in all realms of health and nutrition each week.  He also started his own company selling regenerative meat products and related items which he calls Nose To Tail.  To make sure there is a physical place for like-minded folks to congregate and celebrate these ideals, Brian has created the Sapien Center in Austin, TX.  He shares about his vision for the center toward the end of this episode.  We packed this one full of information, health, workout, ancestral living, and all things in between.  Please enjoy!!!

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