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Nov. 16, 2021

Financial Health with guest Shawn Rider (owner of Shenandoah Fit crossfit gym)

We're joined today by Shawn Rider who is a local crossfit gym owner and also an educator on personal financial wellness.  Shawn has explored many avenues of personal wealth management while growing his business, planning for his family and helping his employees.  He mentors high school age folks about financial health and is definitely having an impact.  We discuss how to talk to your team about financial health, what are common pitfalls people face, what advice should we NOT listen to, etc.  It is a wide ranging and fun discussion.  Shawn is also a mentor for Two Brains Business.

Find Shawn at or Shawn Rider (@shawn_rider_) • Instagram photos and videos and definitely check out his blog at Personal Finance - Shawn Rider - Finance Educator (

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