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Sept. 19, 2022

Homesteading for the working family with Emily Tomko, DIY your food supply

Homesteading is more and more popular and given the uncertainty in today's world, it might be something to consider.  So today we were joined by Emily Tomko who, with no background in agriculture or even gardening, has found her way to feeding her family from what they grow.  She even shared how a recent meal was almost entirely made from things grown on their homestead.  They milk goats, raise crops, chickens, cattle, and have found a never-ending community of support.  In this episode we covered how to allocate time, roadblocks you may encounter, getting started, involving the kids, etc.  We really packed alot into this episode and it is a great listen and inspiring to know that you can do it too!!!

Emily's family farm is: Sunny Ridge Farm | Lancaster County, PA (
Emily's podcast is: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Homesteading | Podcast on Spotify
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