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July 5, 2022

Life Starts With Food / Mike Bruce

Today's guest, Mike Bruce, really put healing the body with food into perspective for us.  Right away, after explaining how his own journey of natural healing and discovering true satiety at age 26 for the first time, you can hear in Mike's voice a passion for discovery and humbleness about allowing food to put the body where it wants to be.  From eating cake-top sandwiches as a kid to being told by an Australian on vacation about 'Paleo mate' to eating raw turkey breast, Mike's journey is fascinating. 

We talked about his coaching approach, how he got connected with the Dr. he works with, and what he's into now.  He also experimenting with fermenting liver and making pemmican!  For a copy of his pemmican recipe and process, visit:

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Mike is a primal health coach
He also is an advocate of muscle testing or applied kinesiology
Mike recommends the 21 Day Total Body Transformation