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Oct. 18, 2022

Midwifery, Natural childbirth and recovery with Doran Richards

Doran Richards joined us today to educate us and our listeners on midwifery.   While it isn't always normal for two men to interview midwife practitioners, David and Josh dove right in!!  Doran has 6 kids of her own and 20 years of midwife experience.  She's incredibly knowledgeable on topics of pregnancy and maternal care and does a great job of explaining how the experience of working with a midwife differs from a traditional medical setting.  She also explains the relationships she gets to develop with her patients, how involved dads can be, and how she works to make sure the mother is fully prepared for her delivery.  Doran also educates young women on taking care of themselves from a young age through ministry, nutrition education and more so if and when they choose to become mothers, they are well prepared.  This was really a great conversation with someone passionate about the work she does. 

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