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Feb. 15, 2022

SmartyPants Medicine (Direct Primary Care) with Kelly Botta, PA

We're really excited to share this discussion about direct primary care (similar to concierge care) and our great guest Kelly Botta.  Kelly is a PA and left her traditional medicine job after growing more and more frustrated with the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness of the legacy medical system and wanting to find ways to spend more quality time with her young daughters and her husband.  Charting after the kids were in bed just to keep up wasn't cutting it.  So she found direct primary care, did her homework, and struck out on her own creating SmartyPants Medicine!  Listen to this episode to find out how this healthcare model works, what the benefits are, and how Kelly has made it work for her life and family.  She still does what she loves which is provide quality patient care, but she does it on her terms.  There are alternatives to accessing healthcare and this is a great story of one.

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And here: Kelly Botta, PA-C (@smartypantsmedicine) • Instagram photos and videos

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