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Feb. 3, 2023

Talking to Your Team, Strategies for Solid Communication with Jay Foreman

Jay Foreman joined us today to share some of his strategies for talking to your team, starting tough conversations, building trust and leading toward success.  Jay is a published author of multiple children's books which all contain leadership and life lessons anyone could benefit from learning.  He's a certified trainer under the John Maxwell program and travels around the country teaching companies large and small about communications and leadership skills.  He blogs regularly on his website with short, entertaining stories that are relevant to the lessons he's sharing.  Jay is really fun to talk to, always positive and always bring something new to the conversation.

Jay talked with us about consistency, engaging your team, checking back in and some other tools and insights.  He can reference books from other thought leaders with ease and shares several of them in this episode for further learning.  Please enjoy this episode. 

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