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April 26, 2022

The 5 Laws of Gratitude w/ Paul Magness

Paul Magness came on the show today to answer some questions Dave and Josh had about personal financial management and team financial health.  But.... we headed off in a new direction, with Paul's guidance, to discuss where he thinks all such discussions have to start which is the laws of Gratitude.  Paul stumbled onto a document someone left in his truck and it really impacted him greatly.  So he shared this with us today and we just really think our listeners will enjoy this conversation.  The hosts were left nearly speechless (not good for people who are supposed to interview others!!) and just let Paul go and teach us.  Please enjoy this lesson and let us know your thoughts or leave a review on your favorite podcast app!!!!

Paul was working off of this free document: Microsoft Word - PowerofGratitude.doc (

Also we referenced Purpose Driven |

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